Brand Trust: The Right Media Partner Increases Trust and Extends Your Brand

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There's an old radio bit that ends with the punchline, "It's not 'how' you say it, it's 'HOW' you say it."

Well... after 30 years or so, they can update that joke...

"It's not just 'HOW' you say it, it's 'WHERE' you say it."

NPR recently released a new study after working with the neuro-analytics firm Neuro-Insight.

"The Study, 'Transference of Trust: Driving Purchase Intent and Brand Equity' helps demonstrate how a news organization's credibility extends to brand partners, sways consumer opinion and impacts purchase intent."

In other words, if your brand wants to project a certain image, it isn't just the image message that's important, but where the message is delivered or received.


Step one is associating your brand, your company, with those who are already trusted. If your brand is hanging out with someone who is already trusted, that trust spills over to you.

And if you're the "new brand" on the block, consumers consider “price” and “affordability” first, then... "trust".

Specifically - and remember, this is an NPR study - if consumers or listeners trust NPR for accuracy, then by extension, sponsors on NPR will be trusted. NPR has built that trust with its listeners for decades.

As far as NPR is concerned, it is a no-brainer for brands to "rub elbows" with NPR.

The study adds: brands should take a two-step approach to this "trust building" - First, pick your cause, then be very careful where you promote that cause - who you pick for "trust partners".


The Vice-President of Neuro-Insight, Samrat Saran, said it perfectly:

"The publisher platform is the lens through which brands are being received and that association builds trust and transfers it back to the advertiser."

The questions become: WHAT do you stand for and WHO do you surround yourself with to prove it?

Consumers are being very selective and targeted with the brands they choose.

Of course, if this is new territory for your brand, Nu Media Mix can help you find the right "trust partners" and get your message to the right listeners. Just get in touch through our website, Nu Media Mix.

I hope this helped you shape your next campaign!

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