Podcast Advertisers Shifting TV Ad Dollars to Podcasts

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I want to highlight an article and some stats SXM Media recently reviewed that may significantly impact your TV advertising spend.

There is a silent, not-so-subtle shift in the entertainment landscape… 65% of podcast listeners say, they make time for listening by turning off the TV.


I’ve covered this before in a previous blog post, and with mounting evidence I gotta say it again… Your customers are moving. Are you – is your advertising – moving with them?


Hollywood stars are podcasting and fans are following. Their favorite celebrity’s podcast is another way for fans to connect – or feel a connection – with the star.

Gone are the days of blockbuster Tuesday night lineups on the networks… like I mentioned above, almost two-thirds of listeners have cut their viewing. Almost half say they’ve cut their on-demand video consumption, too!

Face it… "watching" is dwindling… by the millions.

And where the people – your customers – go is where your ad spend should go. Reality Check: If you’re paying the same rates for your TV schedules, you’re paying too much for what you’re getting.


One of the biggest advantages to podcasting is its portability!

Download a podcast and you can listen anywhere -the gym, riding the bus or subway, while shopping, on the treadmill, while walking, driving, or working!

How do you think the boss would feel if you were stealing glances of your favorite sitcom during work hours? Put on some earbuds and you can keep on keeping on!

And when it comes to TV, when do you typically take a bio break?

When do you top off your drink or grab more pizza rolls?

When do you take a quick glance at your social media?

During the commercials!

For podcasts, it’s a whole ‘nuther story!

Over three-quarters of listeners admit they listen to the ads! Because the hosts make the ads part of the show!

Listeners connect and are loyal to their favorite hosts… that’s why podcast advertising is so effective. That loyalty transfers through the host-read ads and to the sponsors.

Here’s the wake-up call: almost fifty percent of viewers will complain there are too many ads on TV, while less than a fourth of listeners will make that statement about podcasts.

Our Creative Director at Nu Media Mix, Nic Natarella, has said for years, “podcast advertising is TV audiences at radio prices.” Now, with the massive influx of TV viewers… he’s never been more right!

It’s “Advertising 101”… you advertise wherever your audience is. And if your TV audience is making a shift to podcasting…your advertising needs to greet them at the door!

We do this all the time at Nu Media Mix– we find audiences for your products and services. Let’s start the conversation and find your audience.

I’m Michael Guarnieri… thanks for listening, and stay awesome.

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