Future of Radio & Podcasts will be Digital Audio One-Two Punch

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Podcasts, podcasting, and podcast advertising are still getting a LOT of attention. Ever since we had to chill out for two weeks to "flatten the curve" (back in 2020), podcast listening shot through the roof.

Do you know what STILL gets a lot of listener attention? Radio.


Nobody talks about it, because it is one of the stalwart heroes of advertising, but the fact still remains: radio reaches over 80% of all adults in the U.S. every week... which outpaces podcasting for all the attention it is getting.

Some are predicting, by 2025, podcasting and radio are going to be a phenomenal "digital audio 1-2 punch!"

There was a recent article in Forbes that hit the nail on the head...quote - "The truth is, podcasts and radio do completely different things at different ends of the funnel"

Radio - satellite or terrestrial, local or national - is a great place to prime the pump. It doesn't take much to introduce your brand to 80% of the local market, or 80% of the nation!

Then podcasting is the niche audience where you fill your bucket.

Both radio and podcasting have a loyal fan base who wouldn't dream of missing a morning show or the latest episode.

That gives you leverage with the audience through the hosts - live reads of your ad consistently show higher lift, engagement, and buying potential.

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Link to Articleon Forbes

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