Radio & Podcast Media Mix – A Winning Combination for Your Brand

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Recently, Forbes magazine pointed out some significant differences between podcasting and radio, and how to leverage them together.

Podcasts and radio complement each other!! They combine to create a digital audio advertising mega-weapon! I hope I'm not getting too "Dr. Evil" here.


Radio has a "new-ness" and immediacy that is unrivaled. The saying goes, "Read about it in the newspaper tomorrow, see it on TV tonight, hear about it on the radio now."

Radio advertising can reference today, it can play off the hit TV show, it can connect to our daily lives better than anything.

Podcast advertising has staying power... for instance: You buy a schedule in 2022...and when people start "binge listening" to their new favorite podcast "they just discovered" in 2023...your ad is still there!

And in podcasting...the dialog spot takes on a whole new meaning! When the host and co-host start riffing about your company, it is perceived as a component to the show! Keeping listeners engaged like the podcast content itself.

Your radio messages can be more timely, while your podcast message needs to have a more long-term vision.

For more details, check out this Forbes article. The bottom line: radio and podcasts are not duking it out... They are actually an advertising match made in heaven! And this is great for YOUR brand!

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Link to Articleon Forbes

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