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An article in Forbes I read recently was talking about the one-two punch of digital audio advertising: podcast and radio ads.

The message itself is what creative departments and copywriters sweat over for weeks on end. They have to because the heavy lifting done by the voice-over, or the actors really have no connection to the product or service being advertised.

What I mean is, when was the last time you were watching a movie or your favorite sitcom or drama... and in the middle of the scene, the character looked right into the camera and said, "And that's why I always use 24-hour deodorant from Best for Men!"


But with Radio and Podcasting, you can leverage the morning show or hosts to help deliver your message!

Listening to a morning show or your regular podcast becomes a habit...not because of the time of day, but because of the host.

Every classic rock station has Led Zeppelin... so why is one classic rock station higher in the rankings than the other? The host. Every. Time.

When the host launches into a sponsor message, it becomes a part of the show... podcast hosts are incredible at this.


Leo Laporte is the founder and a host on This Week in Tech, lovingly called TWiT podcasting network... he is brilliant at it! He can talk about a sponsor in such a way that you think it is part of the content...and that's what you want!

We've worked with Leo for several projects for our clients...not to name drop, but we've also had great success with Dr. Drew, Dr. Laura, Adam Carolla, Colin Cowherd, and yes... love him or hate him... Howard Stern and many others.

There is an intimacy and familiarity with radio and podcasting you don't get anywhere else.

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