Immersive Audio Messaging Increases Engagement

Hi – How’s it going? Glad you’re here! I've been talking about the new study from Audacy and Spark Foundry...They have finally found the scientific proof that YOU can leverage... for YOUR company and your company's message.

We've gone over frequency - instead of creating burnout - like TV and digital - an immersive message will increase engagement with repeated frequency.

Next, there are five key elements your audio message needs to include:

  1. Use attention-getting audio to naturally draw in your listener
  2. Mention your brand early in the message and often.
  3. Get back to "what's in it for me"... talk about the benefits over the features, say - "great handling that hugs the corners!" instead of "rack-and-pinion steering".
  4. Make your message upbeat and positive..."YES" is a VERY powerful word!! Use it and use it well!
  5. A strong message at the end acts as a great closer to your opening attention-getter. I’m going to quote this as this is compelling:

“The Peak-End Rule states that message endings are particularly important, as engagement during endings defines the quality of the experience. Grabbing attention at the start of a brand message and driving engagement back up at the end proves a successful formula for Immersion and memorability.”

When you put all that together into a frequency that builds engagement, your company is on the fast track to success!

At Nu Media Mix, we've been doing this for our clients for years. And now you have the benchmarks and building blocks for your campaigns...go to Nu Media Mix to get started.

I’m Michael Guarnieri. Thanks, and Stay Awesome!!

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