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I want to share another find with you especially if you’re thinking of advertising on radio, streaming, or podcasts. - In the previous Influencer Media Minute, I was telling you about the new study results released by Audacy and Spark Foundry – from the podcast world.

The first big discovery was audiences engage more with audio advertising with increased frequency.   Instead of tuning out over time, they tuned IN!!

Second, they compared their findings with traditional metrics and totally upset the apple cart!

Regarding frequency: Audio impressions build over time... they add up... and create MORE positive impressions of the product, service, and brand. That was true no matter which platform: radio - terrestrial or satellite, and podcasts. Other platforms tend to peak, then fall. Audio continued to grow.


Regarding purchase intent:   The higher the immersion, the more likely listeners are to other words, as the ad told a story and the listener had an "experience" with the message, they were more likely to buy...and that is all driven by frequency.

Finally, for brand opinion:   positive brand opinion increases with the frequency of audio.   The more times listeners heard the message, the more they listened.

If positive impressions, positive brand opinion, and increased purchase intent can benefit your Nu Media Mix...we can help you through the maze of audio advertising and leverage these findings for you.   Check us out at: Nu Media Mix.

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