How Much Audio Frequency Should You Have? New Study Reveals: As Much as You Want!

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I want to share something with you that I find interesting in regards to audio frequency, especially if you’re thinking of advertising on radio, streaming, or podcasts.

Here it is:

Recently - Audacy and Spark Foundry - from the podcast world - got together and presented their newest findings ... they covered the connection between audio advertising, frequency, and how they combine to drive purchasing.

In other words... they had scientific proof audio advertising works!


But what they discovered was even bigger than they anticipated!

After seeing a TV commercial a few times, you've got the gist of it...and after a few hundred views you're sick and tired of that ad... and chances are you’ll likely tune out. There's a plateau to responses from TV advertising.

Audio advertising – which includes terrestrial radio, satellite radio, podcasting - showed MORE connection with high frequency! There was NO plateau!

The way they put it: "Ad engagement climbs with each audio exposure". Put it another way, "Audio simply does not erode". WOW! That’s GREAT news for YOUR brand’s advertising!

In their conclusion, it all added up to increasing engagement, strong brand and product recall, strong purchase consideration, and positive brand opinion.


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