Meeting Colin Cowherd

While I was at Citrix, our agency reps at the time Patty and Adam set up a U.S. Tour to visit all the radio show hosts we worked with. Like no other tech company, we built relationships with major influencers across the country to promote our products.

I remember one of the times we met with Colin Cowherd when he was at ESPN. We gave him his first ever iPad and showed him how the GoToMeeting app worked and how we could partner to message to a national audience this thing about “online meetings”. (What’s on online meeting?!) I’m sure you know now!!

Colin is a great guy. He was super receptive and amazed at the technology and could see how the world could and would change. He said, ‘You mean I don’t have to travel across the country for a one-hour meeting, I could use GoToMeeting instead and be where I really want to be?!” I remember that Colin had a growing family and wanted to spend more time with them than travel.

So the way we work is that we partner with audio show hosts to get our clients’ product messaged in a way an audience can understand and see the value to them in their working and personal lives. We do this super-duper well.

And that’s why Nu Media Mix exists…to be on the front lines for our clients and work with influencers such as Colin Cowherd.

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