Meeting Steven Van Zandt

I remember the first time I met Steve Van Zandt. What a thrill and experience! Famous actor, legendary guitarist for Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band. Ahhh! So he has a radio show called Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM which I love. We met at his studios in mid-town Manhattan to turn him onto GoToMyPC for host-reads on his show. He graciously gives us a tour of his studio and then we sit down and chat.

We explain how our tech works, and he continually nods and says, “This is cool! Yeah, I love it!. This is very cool!” When we sign off, he said, “Cool! Let’s change the world!”. And he helped us do just that. Chances are you know about “remote access” and working from home now especially due to the pandemic.

So the way we work is that we partner with audio show hosts to get our client’s products messaged in a way an audience can understand and can see the value to them in their working and personal lives. We do this really, really well.

And that’s why Nu Media Mix exists…to be on the front lines for our clients and work with influencers such as Steve Van Zandt.

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