Where Have All Your Customers Gone?

As you know, one of the first questions you have to ask whenever you start your advertising and marketing is, “Where will I find these customers?”

You can spend tons of money on social media, TV commercials, or print…but if your customer isn’t in that group, watching this show, or reading that magazine/newspaper, you’ll never make a sale.

Right now, there is a silent tsunami of customers (a.k.a. “listeners”) who are making a massive shift to audio platforms; i.e.: streaming, network radio, and the big one – podcasts.

According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, back in 2000 approximately five percent of the total U.S. population, 12+, were listening online.

There was slow, rollercoaster growth until 2010 when it reached 27%.


The last 10 years have seen constant increases building to approximately 192 Million listeners, at about 68% of the U.S. Population!

And future forecasts don’t see it slowing down.

Your customers are listening to audio content streaming somewhere on the internet.

From tech companies to wedding registries advertising on audio platforms…they’re finding Fortune 500 companies and individual customers silently shifting in droves to audio streaming.  

And that has caught most advertisers short-handed; audio advertising is a whole ‘nuther animal.

That’s why NuMedia Mix exists…to take the confusion out of network radio, streaming, and podcast advertising.

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